9 Mah Jongg Madness Atlanta 2014 MicheleMy name is Michele Frizzell.

I launched Table Talk – A Mahjong Blog in August 2014. I hope you will enjoy reading my experiences, musings and rants.  To start, let me tell you a little about me…

Mahjong is one of my passions!  I  have deep roots in the game…

As a child I watched my Filipino grandfather play Mahjong with his friends and it always mystified me.  In ‘73 my mother, Carolyn, learned how to play Wright-Patterson style at the McChord Air Force Base Officer’s Wives Club. She taught me how to play the game so she could practice at home – playing Mahjong bonded us together immediately.  My mom became an avid player and led several Mahjong groups. On occasion I’d play with her and her friends – these have become some of my most cherished memories. My mom passed away from cancer in 2004 and that was the pivotal moment when I began my mission to share the joys of Mahjong with others in honor of her.

Through the years I have become an advanced player of Cantonese, Japanese and American styles. I still play using the Wright-Patterson rule book for a taste of nostalgia. I enjoy playing Cantonese style because it’s the most flexible way to play and it’s also the easiest to learn. My favorite way to play is Japanese Riichi because of its novelty and complex strategy. I also enjoy playing American style for a change of pace. What makes me unique is that I teach all of these styles as well. I have designed comprehensive player references and have developed tried-and-true teaching methods that have shortened the learning curve significantly for most players. Anyone who has learned to play Mahjong from me speaks highly of my creative approach to learning and great patience as a teacher.

I currently offer lessons through the Greater Atlanta Mahjong Meetup, the Marcus Jewish Community Center and the City of Roswell Parks and Recreation program.

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