Dots20140823I’ve noticed that some players mark the hands they’ve won with a pen.  I learned that their goal is to win every combination on the card in a given year. Though not many participate in this method of play, everyone get’s excited when a dot is earned.

In the spirit of personal challenge and friendly competition we’ve launched this as an annual tradition in our Meetup group.

Any player who decides to participate will mark the hands they’ve won with a pen or sticker.  Since many of our members play with multiple groups we’ve decided that a winning hand at any game qualifies.  Participants are trusted to be on their honor not to cheat.

Any player who wins every combination on the card will be entered in a prize drawing at our annual New Card Party.

I have witnessed a greater level of satisfaction and sense of achievement when a player earns a dot.  They attempt hands they might not have considered if not for The Dot Challenge.  As a matter of fact, I think this is a great training exercise for tournaments when special-hand prizes are up for grabs.

Everyone has their own strategy.  Some just play the hand that comes and feel that it’s an added bonus if they happen to earn a dot.  Others may start playing a hand they’ve never won before then let it go when they start getting tiles for a dot-hand (e.g. previously won hand).  Me?  I’m tenacious – I only play hands that I’ve not yet won.  If the hand goes dead, I switch to another hand that I’ve not yet won.  Eventually I have to switch to something I’ve won before.

I earned two dots today, both in the singles and pairs category:

The elusive 2014 hand:

SP_2014 and the consecutive hand:

SP_ConsecutiveI have only one hand to go and it’s the 369 hand in the Singles and Pairs category.  Here’s my attempt with only one tile in my drawn hand:

Attempt new hand with a single tileand after the Charleston:

Attempt new hand with a single tile after the CharlestonProof that it can be done!

Do you accept The Dot Challenge?