WordcloudWhen you hear the term ‘table talk’, you might think of unsportsmanlike behavior but, in my circle, table talk is a good thing!

I run a Mahjong Meetup and we enjoy lots of table talk.  At our events you might hear us sharing about our jobs, our kids and significant others or the desire for a significant other.  You’ll hear us talking about a movie we saw recently or goings-on at another social event.  You’ll hear us commiserate over a bad hand or debate technique and strategy.  To be honest, we even work through disagreements with our playmates – sometimes loudly.  This is my kind of table talk and this is what I want to bring to you.  I will be writing about …

  • Technique – tips for all styles
  • Community – culture, etiquette and playing in groups
  • Events – local and abroad
  • Reviews – products and websites

I’m an intergenerational, advanced player and instructor of several styles including Cantonese with Hong Kong Old Style scoring, Japanese Riichi, National Mah Jongg League and Wright-Patterson rules.

As you can imagine, I have extensive knowledge of the game and have much to share.  I hope you’ll visit often.

What topics would you like to see?